Best Islands To Visit

When you’re thinking of getting away from the drab and drear of daily life, there’s nowhere better than choosing one of the following best islands to visit. From sun-scorched paradise to frigid fjords, take a look at the best islands to visit in this short and sweet rundown. 


Situated in the paradisical Caribbean, Anguilla is a small island coupled with many others. Considering its 15 miles length, it is where you will find some of the most tranquil beaches. All 33 of them. That’s right. Anguilla has 33 beaches and are some of the best the Caribbean has to offer. The best way around the island is by car and a road trip comes as one of the top activities to do there on the first of the best islands to visit. So saddle up, get exploring and if you’re peckish, check out the local crayfish delicacies.


This beautiful island is located in the Ionian Sea, off mainland Greece and surrounded by the most clear and pale blue water you can hope to encounter. You won’t be found bored in Zakynthos as it’s a tourist hotspot with a plethora of activities to partake in from water sports to tours of shipwrecks and sailing. A fun filled time awaits in the second of the best islands to visit. 


If you’re not a fond lover of hot climates and prefer something a bit colder, then there is the island of Mageroya off mainland Norway in the Arctic Circle. 

Surrounded by cloud-piercing mountains and waters reflecting the world back at you, this is an idyll retreat for peace and quiet. There is still plenty of adventure to be had with hiking up to the famous North Cape and around the beautiful picturesque island, kayaking the fjords or visiting the local shops for a taste of Norwegian literature. It is quite the memorable experience and the third of the best islands to visit. 


Located on the farthest northwest coast of Scotland, Skye is a mesmeric island of jagged rural beauty and famous for it, too. Like Mageroya, Skye is a rural retreat but not lacking in adventure. With hiking and exploring aplenty, why not take a visit to the mystical fairy pools or Dunvegan Castle? If that’s not enough to satisfy, boating is another popular activity as is sampling local beer and traditional Scottish music. Find yourself here one day, the fourth of the best islands to visit. 


Otherwise known as Zanzibar Island, Unguja is a tropical island with a deep, dense forest and a historical trade centre known today as Stone Town. Sounding like the perfect getaway of intrigue and mystique, have a gander to the Forodhami Market, a food market that opens overnight and provides fresh caught and cooked fish from local waters. Or, take a trip into the past by visiting the House of Wonders, a tantalizing glimpse into the life and history of the island. Unguja is the fifth of the best islands to visit. 

With these promising places to see and explore, make them a bucket list vacation in the best islands to visit.

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